Activity reports


Activity reports are available starting from 2012. They are compressed and some are published without annexes for reasons of size.

Contact us if you wish to see the full (paper) version of one of the reports.  

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Référentiel ECO + 2013

Designing handbooks is an important task, which is expected in many projects. Whatever the occupation or sector in question, it is a long-term endeavour. Handbooks are developed in collaboration with many stakeholders, from their experience in the field and according to the Thésée methodology, to become concrete and practical tools.

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Eco+ 2010 manuals

ECO+ handbooks were developed between 2009 and 2011, during the first phase of the ECO+ project. Among other things, this manual includes skills checklists, training checklists and assessment guides for insulation, timber framing, clay ceilings and green roofs.  

Download the Eco+ 2010 manuals here (this may take some time to appear, please be patient!)  

Eco+ 2013 handbooks

In its second phase, the Eco+ gave issue to the 2013 version of the handbooks, completed by four new jobs (drywalling, plastering, lagooning and solar panel installation), practical sheets and in a more flexible file format. 

Download the introduction to this pedagogical tool here (or by clicking on the image). 

Don’t hesitate to ask us to receive the paper version. If you are an AID member, you can also access a digital version of the tool in its entirety in the members’ area (“publications” section).