Our skills

The AID team is made up of 7 members representing 7 full-time posts.  

Versatility is a central quality, which is shared by all AID Coordination workers. each one nonetheless specialises in one and/or another area depending on their background, their affinities and the issues encountered.

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The team is organised into three sections:

  • the management (representations, monitoring the centres, financial, administrative and general management…)
  • the administration and accountancy section (3 full-time posts)
  • officers (monitoring the centres, educational activities, coordinating and following up transverse projects, communication and representation...)

Thus, the AID’s team presents complementary skills that can resolve the difficulties encountered and take up all the challenges it may face.

The team

By scrolling down this section, you will find the names, functions and direct contact details of the AID Coordination team.

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Team names and contact details


General Manager

Tél   02/246 3860
Mail  eric.albertuccio[at]aid-com.be

Myriam COLOTMyriam COLOT

Full-time officer

Tél   02/246 3863
Mail  myriam.colot[at]aid-com.be


Séverine ANDRE

Communications officer

Tél    02/246 3869
Mail   severine.andre[at]aid-com.be

Ludovic ROLINLudovic R.

Administration and finance coordinator

Tél   02/246 3868
Mail  ludovic.rolin[at]aid-com.be

Salima Amjahad


Full-time officer

Tél   02/246 50 36
Mail salima.amjahad[at]aid-com.be

Audrey De Briey

Audrey De Briey

Part-time officer

Tél   02/246 50 36
Mail audrey.debriey[at]aid-com.be





Tél    02/246 3865
Mail   azedine.alboukhari[at]aid-com.be                

Brigitte Lebleu

Brigitte LEBLEU


Tél   02/246 3862
Mail  brigitte.lebleu[at]aid-com.be

Complexe Aeropolis, AID Coordination - 4th floor

Chaussée de Haecht 579, 1030 Brussels

02 / 246 38 62 - secretariat@aid-com.be